Kendall Smith: ‘Dick Vitale said it best’ about Cowboys’ tourney snub

Oklahoma State guard Kendall Smith isn’t letting the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee off the hook for excluding the Cowboys.

After scoring 19 points in Oklahoma State’s 71-65 win over Stanford Monday to advance to the quarterfinals of the NIT, Smith spoke to the media. He said he still thinks the Cowboys can hang with anyone in the NCAA Tournament. ESPN’s Dick Vitale, who stood up for Oklahoma State after they were snubbed, got a shoutout from Smith.

Vitale went off on the selection committee earlier this month. He said the Cowboys received a “raw deal,” and compared them to the Oklahoma Sooners, who made the tournament but were bounced in the first round by Rhode Island.

“You look at numbers, numbers, numbers, there’s something called common sense,” said Vitale. “I just don’t understand, when I look at Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, and I have nothing against Oklahoma, I think Lon Kruger is a great guy, Trae Young a terrific player. But if I’m sitting here and I’m Oklahoma State, I gotta be tearing my heart out now.”

Smith clearly agrees. And even though the Cowboys are rolling on in the NIT, there’s no doubt that their exclusion from the NCAA Tournament still stings.

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