Is Tennessee recruiting about to get interesting in a hurry after hectic Monday?

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Tennessee is looking to recapture its glory from the 1990s. Join us daily at SEC Country for the latest Tennessee recruiting news and notes on the next crop of Volunteers. Check out previous editions here. In this edition, we discuss the wild Monday in recruiting on Rocky Top.

The latest on Jaycee Horn and Jatavious Harris

Monday was an interesting day on the recruiting trail for the Vols. After a quiet Sunday (and past month), it might have seemed Tennessee made it through the 41-0 drubbing from Georgia unscathed on the recruiting trail side of things.

Honestly, I thought so, too. The commits’ reaction on Saturday all seemed mostly positive and the poor play on the field might not be affecting recruiting just yet.

Then cornerback Jaycee Horn tweeted Monday he received an offer from defending national champion Clemson.

Horn has kept his recruitment open despite his commitment to the Vols. Alabama was high on his list until it seemed it might look elsewhere for cornerback talent. Playing for a top-tier team seems important to Horn, and Tennessee has yet to resemble anything like a top-tier team this season.

Clemson recruiting in Tennessee already has left a bad taste in Vols fans’ mouths after Tigers coach Dabo Swinney signed Class of 2017 wide receiver standouts in Tee Higgins and Amari Rodgers from the state.

The offer was enough to worry some Tennessee fans, and rightfully so. Anytime Clemson gets involved, people should be concerned.

Then came the more unstable afternoon.

Defensive end commit Jamarcus Chatman posted a Snapchat to his story which could signal worse times ahead.

“Can’t believe people really de-committing bc of that game [shaking my head],” the Snapchat from Chatman said.

Wide receiver commit Jatavious Harris tweeted within a few minutes of the Snapchat posting that he had reopened his recruitment. He later clarified he had not de-committed from the Vols, but rather will listen to other schools and take visits elsewhere.

This ties strongly back to Horn. Both Harris and Horn play in Georgia and have a friendship, which helped bring Horn into the fold for the Vols.

Horn originally cut his list to two over the summer with Alabama and South Carolina at the top. Harris tweeted that day not to worry because he would make sure Horn joined the Vols’ class.

Obviously, Harris knew what he was talking about because by the end of August, Horn had committed to Tennessee.

If Harris were to de-commit at a later point, it could spell trouble for keeping Horn around, too.

Commit reactions

The Class of 2018 has seemed like a pretty close-knit group. They have a group text together, which has helped them bond, and most try to make it to campus, when they can, to see each other.

Monday was the first time I’ve seen division among these commits.

It started with the Chatman tweet, then the commits took to Twitter to show they were still committed and had no intentions of backing off.

Here are just a few of the recruits’ tweets.

The show of commitment was a nice sign of the majority of the class sticking together, but does it mean there are deeper issues going on?

It just seems that so many recruits taking to Twitter to prove their commitment in response to Harris’ open recruitment would be a pretty big overreaction.

Just putting on my detective hat here, but I think there is something bigger going on behind the scenes.

What about Cade Mays?

The rumor started swirling around social media on Monday afternoon that 5-star and two-year long commit Cade Mays would reopen his recruitment.

This would have been a huge blow to the Class of 2018 because of Mays’ talent and him growing up a Tennessee fan.

Mays has been the leader of the class since the very beginning and has been instrumental in bringing on board the other in-state recruits. Tennessee has nine commitments from the Volunteer State, including Mays.

If his commitment ever wavered, then the best class in the SEC could fall apart from the top down.

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