WATCH: ESPN College GameDay crew roasts Tennessee coach Butch Jones

ESPN’s College GameDay didn’t pull any punches when discussing Tennessee coach Butch Jones prior to the team’s game against Georgia on Saturday.

Rece Davis and Desmond Howard had strong words about Jones, who wagged a finger at the media earlier this week for the way it was covering the Vols.

Jones’ rant came after he got a question about a suspected fight between Tennessee teammates, defensive tackle Shy Tuttle and safety Nigel Warrior. Davis tried to make sense of it.

“OK, I think I’ve got it. Here’s what Butch is trying to say,” said Davis, who began to speak as Jones. “You see, I started to tell you about this fight that may or may not have happened at practice, but midstream I changed my mind and I’m not telling you about that fight if it actually really happened.”

Davis then responded to Jones telling reporters, “I think we have to understand what do we want out of our media?”

“I know exactly what he means here,” Davis said. “What Butch is trying to say is I wish all you media guys would fall on a helmet.”

That was in reference to Jones’ explanation of how Tuttle suffered his reported orbital bone fracture. Multiple sources told Gridiron Now’s Jimmy Hyams, who asked that question during the press conference, that Warrior punched Tuttle.

Howard also had some strong words for Jones.

“You say he’s doing a good job,” Howard said pointing at Herbstreit. “This is Tennessee. He needs to do a great job. They have a lot of pride in their football program. He’s not cutting it right now, and that press conference we just saw? Ridiculous. That was an insult to the media who sat in front of him and listened to that. That was ridiculous.”

Herbstreit called Jones a “timeout dad” who needs to be more of an “iron fist.” He also noted that the Vols need to show consistency and an ability to win big games.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the full response from Jones when asked about the fight.

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