Luke Fickell: Sleep is overrated


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Luke Fickell: Sleep is overrated

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Ohio State's Luke Fickell speaks at a Fiesta Bowl press conference on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016, at the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Ariz. David Jablonski/Staff
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  • Luke Fickell says he has to have energy during a busy time for his player.

Ohio State Buckeyes defensive coordinator has pulled double duty in recent weeks. He’s also the new head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats and will start that job full time as soon as Ohio State’s season ends.

The Buckeyes play Clemson in the College Football Playoff semifinals at 7 p.m. Saturday.

“Sleep's overrated,” Fickell joked Wednesday in a Fiesta Bowl press conference at the Camelback Inn. “Sleep plenty some day when you're dead.”

On the other hand, Fickell doesn’t want to overdo it because he needs energy for his players.

“If we don't have the ability to turn some of the stuff off, focus in, lock in, get some rest and have the ability to have your energy when we go to practice,” Fickell said, “when we get around our guys, we'd be doing them a disservice.”

Cincinnati hired Fickell on Dec. 10. Ever since, he has bounced between both jobs.

“The mind starts to race, but the reality is that ability to focus back and say, okay, where has my energy got to be spent,” Fickell said. “When we get our four, five hours with our guys we've got to be on our toes and have the utmost energy. We can't be tired because we haven't had enough rest. The ability to balance those things as a coach is what we've got to do to be able to give our kids the most.”

Fiesta Bowl interviews from Dec. 28, 2016, at Camelback Inn.
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