Bengals defensive back Adam Jones (24) participates in a team practice at Paul Brown Stadium, Tuesday, June 13, 2017. GREG LYNCH / STAFF

NFL suspends Bengals Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones for season opener

The NFL announced Friday a one-game suspension for Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones.

The veteran DB was involved in an altercation with law enforcement shortly after the end of the 2016 regular season in January, but Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters chose not to press felony charges, but Jones pled guilty to a misdemeanor of obstructing official business as part of a plea deal in May.

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The NFL explained in a statement to Jones that the “extensive video documentation of the tone, tenor and nature of your interactions with law enforcement at the site of your arrest, during transportation to the jail, and during the booking process. As you acknowledged, your post-arrest words and actions reflected poorly on you and your family, the Cincinnati Bengals football club, and the NFL. While it is our understanding that appropriate apologies have been publicly extended, they do not completely negate your behavior and admission of culpability for the underlying conduct.”

The Bengals had already given all indications they planned to stand by the veteran.

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In a statement released by the club Friday, the franchise said it anticipated Jones’ punishment by the league, “and (we) are glad to finally put the matter behind us. Our focus is on getting ready for the upcoming season. Adam will participate in training camp and we are counting on him to help our team when he returns from suspension.”

Cincinnati’s first practice is scheduled for July 28.

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