Police arrest 17-year-old in murder of Houston woman

A 17-year-old Texas man was arrested and charged with the murder of a young woman in what prosecutors say was a car burglary gone wrong, KTRK reported.

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Police arrested Broderick Delance Knight on Dec. 27 and charged him with capital murder in the Dec. 14 death of 22-year-old Carla Carias in southeast Houston.

"I just hope that God does what he needs to do and he pays for what he did," Jose Ochoa-Carias, Carla’s younger brother, told KTRK. "The pain he's causing to our family is very strong, we all miss my sister."

Investigators say the botched car burglary that ended Carias' life was the second crime Knight committed that night.

They allege on Dec. 13, Knight and a friend approached a man parked near Hobby Airport. They said Knight coaxed the man out of his black Nissan, then tried to rob him. During that robbery, a language barrier prompted the victim to literally remove his pants, give it to Knight, and then run for his life.

Shortly after midnight on Dec. 14, police said, Knight and his friend traveled a few miles south and burglarized Carias' Camaro. The car was parked outside her boyfriend's apartment, also located near Hobby Airport.  Investigators said the ensuing confrontation led to Carias being shot and killed.

"It was senseless, there was no point in it," neighbor Rudy Rios told KTRK. "Over a car?"

Investigators said they got a break on Dec. 27 when they spotted the black Nissan on the road and pulled it over for a traffic stop. Knight was allegedly behind the wheel. Investigators said that during the stop, Knight confessed to his role in Carias' murder.

"We're all mad, but they caught him and we just got to wait for the law to take care of it," Ochoa-Carias told KTRK.