Should the Bengals ditch Dalton?

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Are you a Cincinnati Bengals fan ready to see someone else take the snaps for the team next season?

Sports Illustrated is with you.

Or at least the guy who breaks down film and writes the team previews for the magazine is.

Writes Andy Benoit in the most recent issue:

So there you have it.

If anyone tries to tell you only irrational fans would advocate replacing an average quarterback at a time half the league or more doesn't have an average quarterback, just point them to this story.

Someone with no skin in the game is calling for it now.

Although I'm not sure where Benoit got the idea the Bengals have always settled for middle-tier QB play (Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason and Carson Palmer would all beg to differ), the rest of the analysis is spot-on.

"Respectable but unfulfilling" should be Dalton's Twitter handle.

It's a great descriptor for Dalton and the Bengals teams Dalton has led... except the last two seasons when they weren't even that (though he was individually).

However, there is no reason to think this is advice the team will be taking. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis seem quite committed to Dalton, who does come comparatively cheap these days if nothing else. National magazine says Cincinnati needs a new quarterback

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