Ohio State football’s top 10 quarterbacks of all time

I had some fun earlier this year when I released my Ohio State quarterback ranking and had J.T. Barrett's backups at No. 1, but with his career officially over, I thought I might as well put out an updated (and real) list.

10. Bobby Hoying

9. Joe Germaine

8. Terrelle Pryor

7. Art Schlichter

6. Cornelius Greene

5. Craig Krenzel

4. Braxton Miller

3. J.T. Barrett

2. Rex Kern

1. Troy Smith

Kern won two national titles, was an All-American and is in the College Football Hall of Fame, but he once told me Smith has to be at the top because he won the Heisman Trophy.

Who am I to argue?

Barrett is essentially a modern version of Kern. A dual-threat player and consummate leader who was part of a lot of wins - but no national championships relegate Barrett to third.

I gave Krenzel the nod over Greene because he was MVP of the national championship game, but that's a tough one.

I put Schlichter ahead of Pryor because he waited until after he was done at Ohio State to disgrace the program, and Germaine edges St. Henry's Hoying because of the Rose Bowl rally.

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Marcus Hartman
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