24th batch of Podesta emails out, as Wikileaks vows new "phase"

Yet another installment of hacked emails from a top aide to Hillary Clinton was released on the internet Monday morning, as Wikileaks teased critics of Clinton by announcing that it was ready to move into a new phase of its effort to undermine the Democratic nominee for President.

The release of the 24th bundle of emails from John Podesta did not immediately showcase new bombshells from Wikileaks, as a review showed what's become a normal peek behind the curtain of the work of top Clinton aides, as they deal with her campaign, questions about her email server, and the Clinton Foundation.

One item out today on the Clinton Foundation is an email from 2012, detailing a new "Office of the President" that will be created for Bill Clinton.

"The Office of President Clinton will be a separate entity from the non-profits and will also manage all of his official/Office of Former President, for-profit, political and personal endeavors," wrote Laura Graham, the CEO of the Clinton Foundation.

Here's some of what Wikileaks has made public:

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