After intercepting packages for Biden, USPS finds no new devices

With FBI officials warning that more possible explosive devices could still be mailed by an unknown suspect, postal officials told reporters Thursday afternoon that a detailed check of their facilities nationwide has shown no evidence of any new packages like the ten already found in various locations around the country.

"I will say in the postal network, we have found nothing in the last eight hours," said Philip Bartlett, the head of the New York division for the Postal Inspection Service.

At a news conference with FBI and New York city police officials, Bartlett said the army of postal workers around the country has been scouring mail facilities to find items like the packages uncovered on Tuesday and Wednesday - but have seen no evidence of anything new.

"What we have so far, is what we have - ten parcels," Bartlett said.

"Ten suspicious packages were located at multiple locations in New York, Maryland, Florida, Delaware, and Los Angeles," said the FBI's William Sweeney.

Thursday had three different discoveries - first, a retired NYPD detective who is employed to do mail security work for actor Robert DeNiro, realized after watching the news, that he had seen a package which resembled those sent to former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others.

That set off a scramble by New York police, who quickly went to the mail room at DeNiro's offices, and found another 'suspected explosive device.'

Police officials said that was being driven to the FBI's advanced forensics lab in Quantico, Virginia for a full evaluation.

Postal officials in Delaware also discovered two different packages addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden which contained possible explosives - at two different postal facilities - one in New Castle, Delaware, the other in Wilmington.

In all, ten different packages - which FBI officials would only describe as "suspected explosive devices" - have been found.

Despite questions on social media, indications right now are that all ten seem to have made their way through the postal system:

+ Three were discovered at special off-site mail facilities for the Clintons, Obamas, and the Congress (Rep. Maxine Waters D-CA).

+ Three were found at regular postal service facilities: Two in Delaware addressed to Biden, and one in Los Angeles for Waters.

+ The CNN package was brought by courier, but reportedly after being delivered to an off-site mail facility.

+ The package for George Soros was delivered to his home mailbox.

+ The package for Robert DeNiro was delivered to the offices of his film company in New York.

+ A package addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder was returned to the sender address, which was listed as Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

President Trump made no comment on Thursday about the investigation, other than to criticize the media for stoking "Anger" in America through shoddy reporting and fake news.

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