After mid-terms, House Republicans become the party of white men

The results of the 2018 elections will bring in over 90 new members to the U.S. House, but for Democrats and Republicans, the change could not be any more different, as Democrats will see an influx of women and minorities, while the House Republican Conference will consist overwhelmingly of white men.

Before the 2018 elections, there were 23 women in the ranks of House Republicans - but after retirements, races for other offices, and election defeats - that number will drop to just 13 in the 116th Congress, as only one new Republican woman was elected to the House in 2018.

That GOP decline comes as a record number of women will serve in the new Congress - as the increase has come because the ranks of House Democrats will swell with newly elected women from all over the country.

And this graphic makes that change all the more obvious:

At this point, Republicans should have around 200 members in the new Congress - and 180 of them will be white men.

That's 90 percent.

Democrats should have around 235 members in the new House - 90 of them will be white men.

That's about 38 percent.

Republicans will have 13 women in the new House of Representatives.

Democrats will have almost 90 women lawmakers.

And close to half of those Democratic women will be non-white.

The Washington Post put it this way:

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