Getting ready for Harvey - and the politics of hurricanes and disaster relief

As Hurricane Harvey takes aim at Texas, and residents along the Gulf Coast make their final round of preparations for the storm, even before the first hurricane force winds reach the United States, it's not too soon to imagine what might happen in the days ahead if there is major damage from this tropical system.

Politics might not be your first thought - but here in Washington, D.C., which is already chest-high in an ongoing political typhoon over the Trump Administration - it's reasonable to assume that if there is major damage in Texas and/or in other states around the Gulf of Mexico, the quality of the government's disaster response could quickly become an issue as it has in past hurricanes.

Some thoughts - before the storm arrives in the Lone Star State:

Hopefully, the forecast won't be accurate, and we won't have a major disaster on our hands in Texas.

But if we do, realize that it can cause major political problems.

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