Trump calls Democrats "un-American" for their State of the Union reaction

In a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio, President Donald Trump on Monday said he was frustrated by the lack of public support that Democrats in Congress had given him during his State of the Union Address last week, saying their failure to applaud at times was "un-American."

"Even on really positive news," the President said of Democrats, "they were like death - and un-American, un-American."

Someone in the crowd then yelled out "treasonous," the President smiled and said, "Yeah, I guess why not. Can we call that treason? Why not."

Multiple times last week, Democrats remained seated while Republicans gave a standing ovation to Mr. Trump - for a State of the Union Address, that's not uncommon, as members of the President's party usually leap to their feet when certain issues are mentioned, and the opposition party remains seated.

Almost a week after the speech, the President still seemed frustrated.

"So that means, they would rather see Trump do badly, than our country do well," the President said. "That's what it means; it's very selfish."

It was the second time in three days that the President had criticized Democrats for their reaction; on Friday, he told Republicans that "they would rather see us not do well, than see our country do great."

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