Trump casts Clinton as leader of the status quo

A day after his first debate face off with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump focused more of his attention on one of his lines of attack from that gathering, as Trump used a rally in Florida to repeatedly tell voters that Hillary Clinton is stuck in the past, and will not embrace major change in America.

"Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer but the same tired defense or the same tired establishment," Trump said at an airport rally that drew thousands in Melbourne, Florida.

"For 90 minutes on issue after issue, Hillary Clinton defended the terrible status quo," Trump said.

Brushing off news stories that he had been eclipsed by Clinton in the first debate, Trump dismissed her "scripted and rehearsed lines," and argued that Clinton's record is not one that needs to be rewarded in November.

"For 26 years, she's been doing nothing," Trump said to cheers.

Clinton, meanwhile, was basking in her debate performance, as her campaign team felt like they had prevailed over Trump at Hofstra University.

"I do have this old fashioned idea that if I'm asking for your vote, that I should tell you what I want to do," Clinton said at a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, making the case that Trump is offering few details to voters.

Back at the Trump rally - not only was Trump going after Clinton, but he once more revved up his attacks on the news media, something that he had stopped doing on the stump for a while.

"I've dealt with a lot of dishonest people; I would say certain elements of the press are the most dishonest people," Trump said, then moving to tie the news media to his opponent.

"The single weapon that she's got is the media," Trump said.

"Without the mainstream media, she wouldn't even be here," Trump said. "She wouldn't have a chance."

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