Trump confident in China talks, open to nuke meeting with Iranian leader

Wrapping up the G7 Summit in France, President Donald Trump expressed confidence on Monday that trade negotiations between the U.S. and China would produce a deal, while the President also left open the possibility of joining other leaders in talks with the leader of Iran about that nation's nuclear ambitions.

"We can't let them have a nuclear weapon," Mr. Trump said of Iran. "Can't let that happen."

“We need to be sure that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon,” said the French leader, part of a group of European countries who have remained in the nuclear deal worked out with Iran - but rejected by President Trump.

The idea of a future meeting with the Iranian leader had clearly been pressed by Macron - whether it happens is unclear - but the American President left that door open.

In his joint news conference with the French President - and then in a solo Q&A with reporters - President Trump repeatedly said he believed that his threat of high tariffs on imports from China would help push Beijing back to the negotiating table, and into a trade deal.

But Mr. Trump also made clear that the deal cannot be more of the same.

“And if it's not better - let's not do business together,” as he said the Chinese had been enjoying a very unfair trade partnership with the United States.

“This is a deal which has to be better for us,” the President told reporters.

The end of this G7 Summit was much different than the 2018 version in Canada - when the President left early - and unleashed a series of jabs at the Canadian Prime Minister.

The U.S. will host the G7 in 2020 - the President made clear that he thinks his Doral resort in Miami would be the best place for that gathering.

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