Trump Jr. emails bring more scrutiny to Trump-Russia contacts

The admission by President Donald Trump's oldest son that a June 2016 meeting between top Trump campaign officials and a "Russian government attorney" was focused on possible dirt on Hillary Clinton, added new fuel to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, as Democrats swiftly called for Donald Trump Jr. and others to testify in public about the meeting, and any other Russian contacts.

The email to Trump Jr. promised information that would "very useful" to Mr. Trump in his campaign against Clinton, as it provided some of the first direct evidence of Russian contacts by a top official in the Trump camp.

Here is a look at what changed with the release of information on that meeting.

Not only was Charles Krauthammer seeing red over the Donald Trump Jr., story, but things also boiled over on Tucker Carlson's show, as he got into it with Fox News analyst Ralph Peters. After Carlson said it was "hard to see why" Vladimir Putin and Russia is a threat to the United States, Peters compared Carlson to Charles Lindbergh and his "America First" opposition to confronting Hitler and the Nazis.

The issue of the Russia probe seems likely to be raised on Wednesday, when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds confirmation hearings for President Trump's nominee to head the FBI, Christopher Wray.

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