Trump unveils plan for new childcare benefits

Pressed into action by his daughter Ivanka, Donald Trump on Tuesday unveiled a new plan that would allow Americans to offset the cost of their childcare expenses with a new tax break, as Trump hailed the effort as a "pro-family, pro-child, pro-worker" proposal.

The Trump plan would aim to give women at least six weeks of paid maternity leave from their jobs, and also includes other incentives for women who care for their children at home.

"For many families in our country, childcare is now the single largest expense, even more than housing," Trump said in a speech outside of Philadelphia.

Trump's plan would not give extra benefits to those making more than $250,000 a year - and it would also offer extra help to low income workers who already get benefits under the Earned Income Tax Credit.

"This could mean almost $1,200 per year per eligible family," read a fact sheet issued by the Trump campaign.

It was another example from Trump - along with his call for more infrastructure spending - of how he might push fellow Republicans more to the left on some issues.

And that wasn't going unnoticed in conservative circles, as some openly grumbled that it was an idea Hillary Clinton and Democrats would love.

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