What's next in the fight over the Trump immigration order

With a three judge federal appeals court panel dealing a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump over his controversial immigration order, the plan to restrict refugee admissions and block arrivals from seven specific Muslim-majority nations remains on hold, as the President vowed that he would fight a unanimous decision against him from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

"We'll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country," the President told reporters during a joint news conference on Friday afternoon with the Prime Minister of Japan.

Mr. Trump hinted at some type of executive actions next week, amid reports that he might just issue a brand new Executive Order. But he also vowed to continue the fight in court.

"I have no doubt that we'll win that particular case," the President said.

Take a minute to read the full decision of the three judge panel, which refused to lift a Temporary Restraining Order again the Trump plan.

Here is where we stand in the fight over Mr. Trump's plan:

Stay tuned.

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