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DNC Day 3 - Mid-day update: Trump controversial reaction on Russia hacks; Ted Strickland; Kaine nominated as VP


Former President Bill Clinton was back in front of one of his favorite places - a microphone, podium, thousands in attendance, millions watching and no teleprompters. Clinton was the keynote speaker of last night at the DNC. A video aired beforehand of his economic accomplishments while he was in office in the 1990s. He then spoke, talking about his relationship with his wife and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary. Bill gave a stream of conscious retelling of their lives, including a story of parenting where Hillary was unhappy Bill took two days of school off to watch all six "Police Academy" movies with daughter Chelsea.

He highlighted their personal relationship and his fears that her moving to Arkansas with him, she could never accomplish the things she wanted if she was in her home state of Illinois. He presented her as an agent of change throughout his speech and someone the country needs for a leader.


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