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DNC Night 1 - First Lady Michelle Obama: 'This is the greatest country on earth'

First Lady Michelle Obama recalled her speech at the DNC in 2008, asking  voters to pick her husband to be president. She started with a funny anecdote

"I thought of our daughters, piling into a dark SUV with men with guns, with their faces pressed against the windows, thinking - what have we done?"

Obama's speech was met with several standing ovations, where both herself and the crowd was emotional.

She spoke of her children and how they approach their first job to be role models.

"It's not just our daughters, but kids everywhere. When we go to the polls, it's not right or left, or Democrat or Republican, it's  about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives.

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"Right now there is only one person I trust with that responsibility - Hillary Clinton."

"I've seen Hillary and how she is with children - not just her own daughter, which she raised to perfection. But kids that look to us and decide what they want to be."

"When she didn't win the nomination eight years ago, she didn't get angry or disillusioned, she knows things are much bigger than our own disappointments. She stepped up to be Secretary of State and traveled the world to keep us safe."

"She could have left any time she wanted. She could have got tired about all the critics, about how she looked, about how she laughed. But what I admire about her most, is how she never takes the easy way out. When I think about the kind of president I want our kids to see, it's about more than black and white and it isn't something that can boiled down to 140 characters. When you have the nuclear codes you can't lash out - you have to be steady, measured and well informed."

"I want a president who says everyone in this country matters - that believes what our Founders said, that we are all created equal. That we are stronger together."

"I'm here tonight because I know that's the kind of president Hillary Clinton would be - and that's why I'm here tonight,  because I'm with her."

"She understands it's about one thing and one thing only - leaving something better for our kids. They volunteer to coach that team, or teach that Sunday School class. They fight overseas, they protest or serve the law in Dallas, or they lined up in Orlando to give blood."

Obama mentioned the country and how it's changed and grown. How she lives in a house that was built by slaves, referring to the White House. She began tearing up as she said, "I look at Hillary Clinton, and know my daughters know, they can be President of the United States."

"Don't let anyone tell you this country isn't great - because this is the greatest country on earth."

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