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DNC Night 2 - Former President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton spoke about his first time seeing Hillary. He saw her several times, and finally approached her. Hillary said,"Are you just going to stare at me?" He said it's hard to believe, but I was speechless.

He said they were in line to register for classes, just to talk to her. Then was told when he reached he table, "Bill, you registered this morning."

The former president gave a biography of Hillary's early life at college, and growing up in middle class Illinois. He loved her 'crusty conservative dad and her rambunctious brother.' He talked about his mother-in-law, who had a rough childhood, and that knowing her was one of the great things Hillary had done for him.

She spent so much time working on children's issues she spent an extra year in law school.

"She never made fun of people with disabilities, she tried to empower them based on their abilities."

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Bill asked her to marry her twice, the second time he tried a different tact. He said they knew a lot of young Democrats, but most weren't as good as her at making change. She laughed off the thought of running for office and people voting  for her.

Bill got her to move to Arkansas, where she was offered a teaching job in Arkansas, which was a huge culture change.

"She started he first legal aid clinic (there). Providing legal aid to poor people who couldn't pay for it."

He said they saw a house, which Hillary liked. He bought it, and told her she had to marry him now. After third time, she did.

"I was still in awe after more than four years around her. I hoped her marrying me and not going to Illinois and making her own way would be something I could live up to."

Bill talked about his daughter being born, how he believed she had the best mother in the world. He wanted to be there because his dad died before he was born.

"Hillary and I rarely disagreed about parenting,  but she wasn't happy when I took a couple days off so Chelsea and I could watch all six Police Academy movies back to back."

"If you believe in making the change from the bottom up, or it matters how many people you affect, speeches like this mean nothing, doing the work is hard. She's been doing the work to make people's lives better. ... She always wants to move forward, that's just the person she is."

After their comprehensive healthcare reform bill failed, Hillary worked to lobby people to pass the legislation one by one. She put through CHIP with help from Tom DeLay, because she knew he was an adoptive parent."

Hillary's early years in the Senate were focused on 9-11, the affect of the attacks on New York, and was the first New York Senator to serve on Armed Forces Services Committee.

He said Hillary spent time working in rural areas, "especially economically. He said that's something that needs brought back - supporting our small towns, small businesses and farmers."

"She made more positive change before 30 than most legislators do in a career."

"Hillary is uniquely qualified ... and is still the best darn change maker I've ever known."

"In the greatest country on earth. We've always been about tomorrow."

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