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DNC Night 2 - Howard Dean, Sen. Amy Klobuchar; Madeline Albright: 'Don't give Russia a green light'

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean targeted Donald Trump and Mike Pence's record on health care.

Dean said as a doctor he knew the health risks Americans have, and how important Barack Obama's health care reform was. He said universal health care needs to be a basic human right. If Trump were elected, he would roll back ACA and force 20 million off insurance and would force women to pay more for the same health care as men.

He finished with the lines that led to the infamous "Dean scream" that made him the subject of one of the first viral videos.

Dean was followed by Elizabeth Banks, who introduced a video about Clinton bargaining a cease fire between the Palestinians and Israelis.

It recalled an international climate change conference, when President Obama and Clinton pushed their way into a meeting in order to force a deal.

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The video said Clinton was instrumental in getting sanctions against Iran, which forced Iran to make a deal on nuclear weapons last year. It showed clips of Clinton speaking about human trafficking and how it wasn't just an issue internationally but nationally.

Senator Amy Klobuchar spoke of Clinton's work for women and girls, and to beat human trafficking. She spoke about chasing down men who sold and exploited a 12-year-old girl.

"This is happening in our own country. That's why as Secretary of State, she took the international report on human trafficking, and used it a priority here."

She said Clinton said, "Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights. She didn't say this anywhere, she said this in China."

Human trafficking is the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world. It's how ISIS is able to survive, by selling girls for $165.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright talked about Clinton's work in the Senate with the Armed Services Committee. "When she served as Secretary of State, I watched her work to restore our reputation  around the world. She fought terrorism and fought to stop the spread of nuclear weapon

She called Trump dangerous, and blasted his admiration for dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin. She said Putin is eager to see Trump win, and that is a frightening thought.

"Take this from someone who fled the Iron Curtain. Don't ever give Russia the green light."



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