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DNC Night 1 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren - focuses on Trump, working class economics

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren took on Donald Trump from the outset, painting him as selfish while Hillary Clinton was in public service.

Warren's speech was the attack portion of the night, taking  shots at Trump and painting him as a fake supporter of the working class. Her class was very populist and economic centered, the core base of Donald Trump.

She spoke of her family life in Oklahoma, her dad a janitor, her brother was a veteran. She graduated from a commuter college that was $50 a class.

"I'm worried. Costs are out of sight. Young people are crushed by student loans. ... Retirees rely on just Social Security checks that can't cover the basics - that's not  right.

She mentioned CEOs making tens of millions, and how wealth isn't "trickling down" to families.

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"The system is rigged. It's true. So-called experts claim America is in trouble because both parties refuse to compromise. That's flat wrong. ... When large banks wanted loopholes, Washington got it done. Trying to do something for working people, then you have a fight on your hands."

She said Democrats fought for a consumer agency to keep banks from cheating people and has returned $11 billion to customers. She said they fought for health care reform and thanked Barack Obama. She said Republicans have fought every step of the way. She said she doesn't believe Democrats are always right and Republicans always wrong,  but the system is rigged.

Warren said Republicans said no to reforming student loans or taxing companies that move overseas, as well as fighting minimum wage increases. She said this November the American people will be coming for them

"Where was Donald Trump during this? He has not lifted one finger to help anyone. His whole life has been about taking advantage of people with that system."

"Trump said he was excited about the 2008 housing crash because it would help him buy real estate on the cheap."

"What kind of a man roots for an economic crash that costs millions their jobs and homes? I'll tell you what kind - one that must never be president of the United States. And we have the leaders who can make it happen - Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine."

Warren said Trump can see that Americans are angry. She said he had over  an hour to talk last week, but other than a wall that won't get built, but did you hear any ideas about creating  one job? She said he has no plans to make things great for anyone than rich guys like him.

She said Trump wants tax cuts for rich people like him and to roll back regulations on banks that caused the 2008 crash.

Warren said when you pit white workers in Ohio against black workers in North Carolina, who wins?

"When we turn on each other, they can ship our jobs  overseas.  They can cut their own taxes and we can't rebuild our streets and infrastructure. We can't fight back against a rigged system. I have news for Donald Trump - the American people aren't falling for it."

"After decades of working, seniors should be able to retire with security. Hillary will expand Social Security and Medicare."

'We believe we need to get big money out of politics - she will work to overturn Citizens United."

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