DNC Night 1 Wrap-Up: Sanders pushes for loyalty as First Lady, Booker shine


New Hampshire Senator Bernie Sanders had already given support to Hillary Clinton before the Democratic National Convention; but his supporters and the party as a whole waited to see what Sanders would say during his convention speech, the last of the first night.

Sanders didn't pull a Ted Cruz and refuse an endorsement, instead declaring Hillary Clinton, "must become the next President of the United States." He ran through his signature policies while making the case for Clinton over Trump, and addressing his supporters, who were angry during most of the primary over superdelegates and perceived vote counting, only to be outraged after Russian hacks of DNC emails revealed DNC staffers were regularly agitated with the Sanders campaign.

The anger followed outgoing DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was heckled at the Florida delegation breakfast, and during the opening hours of the convention when Sanders supporters regularly booed any mention of Clinton's name, including during the opening invocation prayer.

The convention finally was put on track after standout and memorable speeches from New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and First Lady Michelle Obama, who teared up talking about her daughters being able to experience a woman as President of the United States.

She spoke of the White House being built by slaves, and her husband's election while becoming emotional, then finished, "I look at Hillary Clinton and know my daughters know, they can be President of the United States."

"Don't let anyone tell you this country isn't great - because this is the greatest country on earth."



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