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Hillary Clinton speaks in Tampa, addresses RNC, but no VP announcement

Hillary Clinton took stage to Katy Perry's pop hit "Roar," and addressed the Republican National Convention, but didn't make an announcement as to who her running mate would be.

Clinton's campaign has been quiet about who it had on its list for Vice President, but news began circulating the last 24 hours she had narrowed down a choice. Clinton was campaigning in Tampa after visiting first-responders in Orlando and family members who lost loved ones in the night club shooting. Florida is a key state for both Trump and Clinton.

Clinton took the stage as authorities in Munich, Germany searched for those involved in a shooting at a mall and McDonald's killing at least nine. President Obama was addressing the attack as Clinton took to the stump in Tampa.

Clinton quickly addressed the Republican National Convention. She said she never thought she'd agree with Ted Cruz, or believe a crowd would boo someone "for saying, 'vote your conscience.'"

She said the RNC speakers spent more time talking about her than offering solutions. She said Trump offered no solutions, other than "he can fix it alone."

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"I've never remember a leader saying they can do it a lone. That's not a democracy my friends. That's why we had a revolution."

Clinton spoke lightly, with a sense of humor. "Last night, Donald said, 'I am your voice.' He says that despite the small businesses he has spent years stiffing."

She called Trump's economic policies wreckless, and said she isn't working alone, she plans on standing together.

"In Philadelphia, we are building bridges between people, not walls. We are making the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. We will embrace our diversity, which makes our country great."

She addressed Orlando repeatedly, and the shooting at the nightclub that left 50 dead, told stories of meeting with the LGBT community and the police and SWAT team that did their jobs. She said the police work as a team, there isn't one person doing it all.

"We have to stand against hatred no matter who it is against. All of these hates infect the soul."

She talked about "commonsense gun safety measures."

"I will do everything I can to make life better for everyday Americans. I will do everything to keep us safe, and I know a little bit about that. You can't put this into law what I have to say, but we more love and kindness in this country. We need more respect between and among our fellow Americans. We need to listen to each other. The last thing we need are leaders who try to divide us more than we already are."

"I'm proud to be an American. I want our children and grandchildren to be proud, and have the same access to freedom and opportunity we've had."

Clinton said she understands the angst about the changes in the world, whether it was globalization, or technology. "

"I've never known Americans to retreat into the isolation that was advertised at their convention. Those are not the values that have made our country. And don't forget, we are a great country already."

Can be we be fairer? Can we add more ladders of opportunities? Of course we can, I will work every single day to make your dreams come true, to make you believe America's future can be even better than our past.

"We've taken detours and it's taken time to get everyone the rights everyone else had. But no country has done to move that forward than us. And the last thing we need is a president who talks trash about America."

She made a call to the crowd, and said they are hiring organizers in Florida right now.

"I believe when the campaign is said and done, and the scary speeches are over, and people have stopped yelling at us at the top of our lungs like they've done all week, we will choose to be stronger together."

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