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Kasich launches new ad focused on foreign affairs

A SuperPAC backing the presidential candidacy of Ohio Gov. John Kasich has launched a new 30-second TV commercial in New Hampshire suggesting that Kasich has the experience to handle foreign affairs and national security, according to Jack Torry in our Washington Bureau.

Opening with videos of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, the commercial assails what it calls “weakness, handwringing,” and “inexperience” of the Obama administration’s record in foreign affairs.

Kasich then appears, citing the 18 years he spent on the U.S. House armed services committee and his travels as a congressman to the Middle East. Kasich closes with, “There’s no substitute for experience.”

The commercial, which never mentions any of Kasich’s Republican presidential opponents, is a clear attempt to link Clinton to the Obama administration. But even as Kasich insists “there is no substitute for experience,” his experience in foreign affairs is nowhere near as extensive as Clinton, who as secretary of state met virtually every world leader.

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