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Night 4 RNC - Jerry Falwell Jr., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Brock Mealer, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Gov. Mary Fallin

Minister Jerry Falwell Jr. addressed the crowd, calling Donald Trump "America's blue collar billionaire." He attacked Hillary Clinton extensively, saying his late father said she was one of the three greatest threats to the country.

Falwell was followed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the controversial law enforcement officer from Arizona, a former DEA agent.

"We need a strong leader who will put the interest of America's citizens first. Unfortunately, we have an immigration system that puts the rights of other country's citizens ahead of our own."

Arpaio said a nation without borders "is no nation at all."

Arpaio said law enforcement needs support more than ever, especially from its government. He tied this into the Trump's immigration argument. "He's the only candidate willing to get  tough to protect America."

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"I have been on the frontline in the battle of immigration, and I know Donald Trump will restore law and order."

Arpaio said Trump will build a wall on the border.

The Sheriff shared a personal moment with Trump, when he called his wife before an operation. He said Trump didn't have to do this because he already had their support.

Motivational speaker Brock Mealer took the stage, speaking of his battle with paralysis after an automobile accident. Mealer said doctors gave him a 1-percent chance of walking again, which he accomplished. He spoke of God's work in his life, and how his life has been a testament to things working for the best.

He said Trump was also given a 1-percent chance of winning the nomination in a CNN poll last year

Mealer's speech was followed by a short video of former college basketball coach Bobby Knight.

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said people are tired of divisive rhetoric. She said the union was in danger, and Donald Trump would provide leadership. "In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, he will 'git-r-dun.'"

"We want a president ... who sees it through completion. That sees mundane and creates magnificence."

"When Trump wins we will be one again and we will be great again."

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin followed Blackburn. She spoke about her small town heritage, and having a mom that was mayor when it was an uncommon occurrence.

She talked about the civil rights fight, and leaders from her state that helped end segregation. Fallin said she's afraid the country has lost its sense of optimism.

"I believe the American people are longing ... for a fair shake in life, and an opportunity to succeed."


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