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Ohio lawmaker says Obama flips the 'middle finger' to God

State Rep. John Becker, who likes to claim the unofficial title “Most Conservative Lawmaker” in Ohio, said in his most recent “Becker Report” that President Barack Obama gave God the middle finger.

Becker lives in Clermont County, east of Cincinnati and represents Ohio’s 65th House District.

“Well, I’ve got to hand it to President Obama. He has managed to figure out how to do what no one thought was possible: A national flipping of the middle finger at God. It was a matter of waiting until the US Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage nationwide. He then lit up the White House in the colors of the homosexual flag. Yes, it was brilliant,” Becker wrote.

What’s more, Becker says, is that the move could bring retribution from God.

“I’m not a Bible expert, but it seems like I recall Old Testament stories about the Israelis being militarily defeated because of their rebellious nature toward God. Furthermore, the Book of Revelation does not seem to indicate America’s existence in the end times.

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Many believe that America will be destroyed from within. Conversely, I’m wondering if God might be ready to make an example out of the US as He did the Old Testament Israelis? Stay tuned…”

And under “Beckerisms,” he says: “Now that the terms ‘husband and wife’ are considered discriminatory, marriage licenses will ask for spouse 1 and spouse 2. In anticipation of future Court rulings on marriage expansion, we should simply say, ‘See attached.'”

Becker has received attention in the past for his bills and ideas. He favors an Ohio where citizens can carry their guns widely, abortion is outlawed, absentee voting is more restricted and repeat sex offenders can be executed. He once labeled needles exchanges for street drug users an “element of the liberal, social agenda.”


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