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RNC Night 3 - Astronaut Eileen Collins, Ky. Sen. Ralph Alvarado, Ohio minister Darrell Scott

Eileen Collins, former NASA astronaut and test pilot, discussed the Apollo 11 moon landing.  She said our country was on a mission to fulfill a promise of a president, but also to explore.

Collins, who joined NASA in 1990, was the first female shuttle commander. She spoke of NASA and its mission to explore, which has been missing in its spirit and will only return with the proper leadership.

Collins speech was short but the most positive of the convention.

Kentucky state senator Dr. Ralph Alvarado spoke from the point of view as a first-generation American. He spoke of the struggles they had as a family, the problems with the language barrier. He said his family understood sacrifice and how it would benefit their children and grandchildren. He said Hispanics believe in many of the things Republicans believe, such as God and hard work.

"Some flee corrupt leaders, some flee crime, some flee despair. But they flee with a dream of America, where if you work hard and study hard, you can achieve anything."

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Alvarado said President Obama has not brought Americans together but drove races apart. He said the president has lied repeatedly from Fast and Furious scandal, Benghazi, health care, the Iran nuclear deal among others.

"Do we want someone who is brutally honest to a fault, or someone who is brutally dishonest? This isn't about America going right or left, it's about America going up or down."

Alvarado spoke in Spanish to the Hispanic audience in his closing remark.

Ohio minister Darrell Scott described Trump as a friend, "who believes his best days are ahead of him and feels a void that can only be filled by service to his country."

He said the Democrats have failed America both domestically and internationally. "The greater that America is, the greater the entire world becomes. Some people call Donald Trump a populist, but I call him a patriot. Democrats are afraid to use this word. They think America is just any country."

"Barack Obama has brought the rhetoric of hope, but instead more minority unemployment and higher drug use."

Scott called Trump a shrewd negotiator, who will unify people and get them from "no to yes" and get the best deal for all Americans

"We can only become great again with some leadership."

Scott's message was firey but more unifying with less references to Clinton and Obama, and had the best crowd reaction of any speech during the convention thus far.



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