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RNC Night 2 - House Speaker Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan thanked Cleveland for "looking after us this week" and local law enforcement. He said it was an honor to chair the 41st convention "of the Party of Lincoln." He struck a unifying tone and an upbeat temper which earned applause as he finished.

Ryan, who double-majored at Miami University, said he has spoke at a convention before, last time as a VP candidate. He said during the next State of the Union, he'll be standing behind Donald Trump.

"Democracy is a series of choices. Republicans have made their choice. We've had our arguments, but  I call that signs of life. What choice has the other party made in a year like this? People want a clean break, the Democratic establishment offers the third-term of Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton."

"It's the last chapter of a long story - progressives deliver everything, except progress."

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Ryan said the party can't win on the other party's failures, it has to be won on ideas. The GOP isn't for government control, but a government that protects our liberties. The other parties want more judges and more bureaucracy. "We want a government that doesn't move an inch without the consent of the governed."

"We want a government where your first chance isn't your only chance, and a health care system that gives you choice and doesn't leave you in the care of cold bureaucrats."

"Shouldn't Americans see each other beyond class and ethnicity ... everyone is equal, everyone has a place, and no one is written off. It's straight from the Declaration of Independence, which is the Republican ideal."

"Our candidates are going to give it our all, and we have to do the same. It's time for this party to become unified ... what we've began here, let's finish."

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