Takeaways from Donald Trump's nomination night

The last night of the Republican National Convention ended with an hour and 15 minute acceptance speech from party nominee Donald Trump, who blasted the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and the political and business establishment while promising to institute border control, renegotiate trade policies and reform the tax code to bolster jobs for the working class.

Trump's focus as the "law and order" candidate continued while he opened up to the LGBTQ community and reaching  out to disaffected Democrats and Bernie Sanders supporters, who he labeled victims of Hillary Clinton.

Trump was interrupted once by a disturbance  in the crowd, which was drowned out by crowd cheers. Trump responded by waiting to get the audience back, before thanking police officers and the city of Cleveland.

Trump's daughter Ivanka opened for him, talking about her father as a family man and a leader. Earlier speakers included Sheriff Joe Arapio from Arizona,  a former DEA agent and immigration critic. Peter Thiel, venture capitalist and founder of  Paypal, also spoke and was the second openly gay person to speak at an RNC.

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