Turner attacks opponent Gasper over poll her team says it did not do

Turner camp says Gasper campaign is calling voters in Preble County which is outside of the 10th District. Her team says the poll is not theirs.

Republican Congressman Mike Turner attacked Democrat Theresa Gasper's campaign — calling her "sloppy" and "irresponsible" — over a poll that Gasper's campaign says it didn't commission.

Turner’s campaign criticized Gasper Friday in a press release after former state Rep. Gene Krebs tweeted that a pollster called his wife Thursday afternoon to poll about Ohio's District 10 congressional district race between Turner and Gasper.

However, the Krebs live in Preble County which is outside of the district and represented by Congressman Warren Davidson.


"This is just another sloppy, irresponsible example of why Theresa Gasper doesn't deserve the trust of voters," said Kevin Doering, Citizens for Turner deputy campaign manager, in a statement. "How can she seek to represent the 10th District if she doesn't even know where it is?"

But Gasper's campaign said it didn't commission the poll, opening up the question of why Turner's campaign blamed her for it.

“It’s not us,” said Gasper’s spokeswoman Shu-Yen Wei.

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When the Dayton Daily News put that question to Turner's campaign, spokesman Adam Howard said that he didn't know "who else would do something like that." He encouraged the newspaper to talk to Krebs.

Krebs confirmed his wife took a call from a pollster who asked about the District 10 congressional race. Krebs also said he "wasn't sure" who was conducting the poll.


Krebs said that "assumption is the lowest form of knowledge," but admitted he could only "assume that whoever did this" poll did so in conjunction with Gasper.

"We don't know it for certain," Krebs said.

Despite Gasper’s team denying the poll was theirs, and Krebs himself saying he didn't know where it came from, Turner's campaign spokesman stuck with the claims.

"I know of no other professional organization that makes these mistakes, so clearly Gasper's campaign is a mess," Howard said.

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