Union that used to back Strickland decides not to in Senate race

Jack Torry in our Washington Bureau is reporting another blow to former Gov. Ted Strickland's campaign for the U.S. Senate.

In another setback to Strickland, the Ohio State Building and Construction Trade Council decided Thursday not to endorse either Strickland or Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.

Ted Strickland

The decision not to endorse a candidate is a victory for Portman because the council in the past has backed Strickland in other races. The 21-member council’s executive board discussed the race at its meeting in Columbus and finally opted not to back either candidate.

“We have endorsed Ted Strickland on a number of occasions,” said Dennis Duffey, secretary treasurer of the 94,000-member organization.

But Duffey said Portman “has been very helpful to us on a number of causes over the past three years. He understands our industry. Even though Ted has been a good friend for a long time,” the board chose “not to insult either one of them who have been very helpful to us.”

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