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Ohio reports fewest number of weekly COVID cases of year
Ohio recorded around 7,000 COVID cases in the last week — the fewest reported so far this year.

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Ohio reports fewest number of weekly COVID cases this year
Ohio recorded about 7,500 COVID cases in the last week — the fewest reported so far this year.

Telehealth here to stay after pandemic growth
While some telehealth options were available prior to COVID, many health care providers quickly pivoted to telemedicine...


3 years since COVID got here, health care remains changed
Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic upended lives across the region, one sector still seeing lasting impacts is the...

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Turner: ‘American people deserve answers’ on COVID
The U.S. House of Representatives passed the COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023 by a vote of 419-0 Friday, sending the measure...

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Ohio reports fewer than 10,000 COVID cases for 8th straight week
For the eighth week in a row Ohio reported fewer than 10,000 COVID-19 cases. As of Thursday, March 9, the Ohio...

VA is relaxing mask requirements at facilities nationwide
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced it has relaxed the masking requirement at VA medical facilities.

Ohio COVID cases continue to climb, remain under 10,000
Coronavirus cases increased for the sixth straight week in Ohio, but continue to remain under 10,000 weekly.

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Air Force reverses ‘adverse actions’ against those who sought vaccine exemption for...
The Air Force will reverse disciplinary or “adverse” actions taken against members who had requested an exemption from...

Vaccines still recommended as best against COVID
While a recent study said natural immunity to COVID-19 gained through a past infection can provide similar protection...

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Kettering unfreezes rental fund requests for suburbs
An emergency rental assistance program helping Centerville, Kettering, Moraine and Washington Twp. residents avoid...
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Kettering freezes emergency rental aid requests for city, Centerville, Washington Twp.
A Kettering program that has awarded $4.4 million to help south suburban renters avoid eviction has frozen applications...


Area food stamp recipients’ benefits reduced amid high inflation as emergency expansion...
A pandemic relief program paying out more money to recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)...

Kettering court bolstering rental assistance program as eviction filings rise
Montgomery County has distributed $17.7 million in federal emergency rental funds and plans to seek more to help...

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COVID cases decrease for 3rd straight week in Ohio
After a slow but steady rise over the summer, coronavirus cases are decreasing again in Ohio.

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Ohio reports slight dip in COVID cases, hospitalizations
After weeks of climbing coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, Ohio reported a slight decrease.

More COVID rental assistance money approved as demand stays high
Kettering has doled out about $3.3 million in federal emergency funds over several months to keep renters in four south...

COVID cases, hospitalizations rise in Ohio
After a decrease in coronavirus hospitalizations and cases last Thursday, Ohio saw a slight increase in the past week.
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