More than 100 motorcycle crashes recorded in Montgomery County so far this year

Ohio had more motorcycle fatalities last year than previous years.

There have been more than 100 crashes involving motorcycles this year in Montgomery County, causing officials to urge caution on the roadways.

There were 223 motorcycle fatalities in the state last year, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. In 2017, there were 157 motorcycle fatalities, and in 2018 there 144. There have been 105 motorcycle fatalities in Ohio so far this year, the OSHP reported. Three of those were in Montgomery County.

There have been 6,661 crashes and 32 fatal crashes in Montgomery County overall.

Both motorcyclists and those who drive other vehicles have a responsibility for limiting injuries and deaths that result from motorcycle crashes, OSHP Staff Lt. Geoff Freeman said. He said driving at safe speeds, wearing safety equipment and looking both ways twice help prevent crashes.

“The goal is for everybody to get to where they are going safely,” he said.

Freeman said the local highway patrol continues to see drivers speeding excessively on area roads. He said it’s not uncommon for both motorcyclists and other drivers to be traveling at speeds 20 mphmore than the speed limit.

“I know you get these high-powered sports bikes, and I’m not saying everybody, but some people like to drive those fast,” Freeman said. “Drive the speed limit.

“I was in my regular car (recently) and there was a motorcycle going real fast cutting in and out of traffic. The problem is when somebody else tries to change lanes or needs to stop, if you’re on a motorcycle the result 90% of the time isn’t going to be good.”

Freeman and Fermin Heras, a local motorcycle instructor, said wearing a helmet and protective clothing are also good ideas. No one expects to be in crash, they said, but taking safety precautions can prevent serious injuries.

Heras said motorcyclists should consider continuing their education and going through training even if they are experienced.

“Education never finishes. I don’t know anybody who says they know everything about motorcycles. You keep learning by experience. It’s like driving a car,” he said. “Unfortunately with motorcycles, when you get too comfortable, you start not paying attention to the more significant details.”

Both men also stressed using caution even at a green light. Freeman said people are in a hurry, but being in a crash will delay a person longer than taking the time to check for oncoming traffic two times.

Heras also said that people should be on the lookout specifically for motorcycles.

“Motorcycles are very small (compared to a car) and our brains have been trained to look for big vehicles, not for a motorcycle,” Heras said. “Sometimes it’s better for car drivers to spend a little more time and look both ways and pay attention because a motorcycle can come in every direction. There are big motorcycles, but they can also be smaller and thinner.”

Motorcycle fatalities by year in Ohio

2017: 157

2018: 144

2019: 160

2020: 212

2021: 223

2022 YTD: 105

Source: Ohio State Highway Patrol

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