Notable sites on Ohio's Underground Railroad

Amelia Robinson (@DDNSmartMouth)


Kyle Nagel (@KyleNagelDDN)

An estimated 100,000 slaves sought freedom in the 1800s through a network of supporters known as the Underground Railroad.

Some made it, but many did not.

The “Conductors” - whites, freed blacks, fellow slaves and Native Americans - guided them to freedom from oppression. Some of those who made it to Ohio from Kentucky, Tennessee and other slave states went to Canada, but many settled in the Dayton area and other parts of the Ohio.

Our staff visited several notable sites in Ohio's Underground Railroad network. Here's a look at those sites:

Notable Underground Railroad sites

Click on markers to see photos and information about these notable Underground Railroad sites in southwest Ohio.

Text: Amelia Robinson
Photos: Ken-Yon Hardy
Photos of John P. Parker House Museum courtesy of John P. Parker Historical Society.