2013-14 state report card for area school districts


Ohio schools no longer receive labels such as “Excellent” or “Continuous Improvement.” The state is instituting a “letter-grade” system of evaluating schools. For the 2013-14 school year, the state graded schools in 9 categories and sub-categories, but did NOT release an overall letter grade for any school district. That overall grade will be added in future years, when the new system is totally phased in.

Article: Area schools among best, worst in state



  • Standards met: There are 24 state exams over multiple grades and subjects. Schools “meet a standard” on each test where at least 80 percent of students score as “proficient” or better.
  • Performance index: Goes deeper than a simple “yes or no” on proficiency, giving more credit for the highest performers on state tests and less credit for the lowest scorers.
  • Four-year graduation rate: Reports what percentage of students graduated from high school within four years of starting ninth grade.
  • Overall value-added grade: Judges whether fourth- through eighth-graders made one year worth of academic growth in math and reading last school year.
  • Annual Measurable Objectives: Reports whether each subgroup of students (by race, economics, etc.) narrowed the achievement gaps with the student body as a whole.
  • This chart does not include four other graded measures – Five-year graduation rate, and the three value-added subcategories, tracking performance of students who are gifted, disabled or in the bottom 20 percent academically.