Magnetar Capital LLC property values sought

In January, Magnetar, an Illinois-based hedge fund, bought Huber Investment Co. and other rental property companies from Teresa Huber. Magnetar now owns 1,580 single- and multi-family housing units, most in Huber Heights.

In an effort to reduce property tax bills, the new owner requested property value reductions averaging 50 percent on 818 properties - including houses, apartment buildings and the headquarters - worth more than $93 million. The Montgomery County Board of Revision is considering those valuation appeals and has reduced the value of 76 properties. Magnetar withdrew 257 cases and amended the requested value on 475.

Use our database below to search the 485 cases still awaiting a decision by the county. Search by address, name of the street or ranges in current values and the values Magnetar has proposed. Search with fields blank to see all results.