DOCUMENTS: Dayton Mall Area Master Plan

Officials hope to transform the longtime commercial center into 'more walkable, mixed-use developments'
Published: Dec. 6, 2015

A company hired to develop a strategy to keep the area around the 44-year-old Dayton Mall vibrant with short- and long-term projects has produced a final draft of the area master plan. The 145-page final draft follows multiple public sessions and extensive interviews with surrounding business operators, officials said.


A NEW VILLAGE CENTER: The plan asks that development proposals consider elements that will make the mall area feel more like part of the community.

MARKET DEMAND: The plan looks to meet what it calls a "sufficient demand" for levels of residential, retail and office space.

LYONS RIDGE: The area around Lyons Road, Kingsridge Drive and Mall Ring Road is a focus for potential development.

DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS: The plan includes a study of the financial viability of development scenarios, which are proposed in different sizes.

TOP PHOTO: View of the Dayton Mall in October 2014. LISA POWELL / STAFF