Flu severity in the United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in its final weekly report of 2012 that 29 states, including Ohio, were experiencing a "high" level of flu activity, compared with recent averages.

Here's a look at flu activity in the U.S. and states at the end of 2012 and in recent years.

Flu activity level

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculates flu activity level in individual states based on the number of outpatient flu visits in a state compared with the average percent during spring and fall weeks when little flu is detected. Activity ranges from minimal, which is below average, to high, which is "much higher" than average. These activity levels are from the week ending Dec. 29, 2012.

Insufficient data

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Flu-related hospitalizations in the U.S.

Flu-related hospitalizations at the end of 2012 were higher compared with the previous two years. Here are flu hospitalization rates per 100,000 in population nationally for the individual weeks of the past three years. Slide the indicator below the chart to see more or less of the year. Week number

-- Kyle Nagel, staff writer