How ready are students for kindergarten?
The Ohio Department of Education developed an assessment tool, the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – Literacy (KRA-L), that helps teachers identify early reading skills. The KRA-L is required of all children entering kindergarten in public schools for the first time. This is a quick screening instrument that assesses oral language, rhyming, letter identification and alliteration – elements identified through research as being essential for reading.
Scoring is broken down into three groups, with "Band 3" being the highest level. Children from low-income families, with disabilities and English-language learners tend to perform lower on the KRA-L than their peers. Children scoring in Band 3 are high performers.
  • X
  • Percentage in "Band 1"
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  • Percentage in "Band 2"
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  • Percentage in "Band 3"
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Reporting: Joanne Huist Smith | Charts: Kyle Nagel |