Ohio's Medal of Honor winners

Servicemen either born in or serving from Ohio have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor 325 times since 1861. Standards have changed over time, meaning many more Civil War and "Indian campaigns" actions were honored with the medal. Explore the Ohio-born or Ohio-based recipients by conflict, birth county or county where the recipient was credited as serving from when awarded (accredited) using the filters below. Hover over a block for that recipient's name, year of action and excerpt from the citation text, collected by the Ohio Historical Society. Click on a block to read more about the recipient. Recipients are ordered by conflict and last name.

Civil War
Indian campaigns
Spanish-American War
Boxer Rebellion
Phillipine Insurrection
1901-11 interim
Mexican Campaign
Haitian Campaign
World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Interactive: Kyle Nagel | Source: Ohio Historical Society | Published: June 1, 2014 |