Ohio and Death Row

Like many states, Ohio is trying to reduce the number of inmates on its Death Row. Here's a look at Ohio's history with Death Row and executions since 1981, when Ohio's current capital punishment statue went into effect.


Ohio counties and death sentences

Click on counties below to view the number of death sentences handed down from 1982-2012 and where they stand. Darker colors indicate more death sentences.


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Ohio's scheduled executions
Name County Scheduled Execution Convicted of …
Ronald Post Lorain Jan. 16, 2013 Shooting Helen Vantz, 53, in the back of the head as she worked at the Slumber Inn an Elyria and stealing various items in 1983.
Frederick Treesh Lake March 6, 2013 Murdering security guard Henry Dupree, 58, and clerk Louis Lauver, 42, at a Cleveland adult bookstore during a robbery attempt in 1994.
Steven T. Smith Richland May 1, 2013 Raping and killing his girlfriend's 6-month-old daughter in 1998.
Billy Slagle Cuyahoga August 7, 2013 Stabbing to death his neighbor, Mari Anne Pope, 40, while two children witnessed the attack and escaped in 1987.
Harry Mitts, Jr. Cuyahoga September 25, 2013 Shooting and killing a neighbor, 28-year-old John Bryant, and then killing two police officers responding to the incident in 1994.
Ronald R. Phillips Summit November 14, 2013 Beating and killing his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter, whom he had also been sexually abusing, in 1993.
Dennis McGuire Preble January 16, 2014 Raping and murdering Joy Stewart, 22, a pregnant woman from Bantas Creek, whom he met while doing work on a friend's house in 1989.
Gregory Lott Cuyahoga March 19, 2014 Breaking into the home of John McGrath, 82, covering him in lamp oil and setting him on fire, which led to his death in 1986.
Wayne Powell Lucas May 7, 2014 Murdering an ex-girlfriend, her mother, her 4-year-old son and her 2-year-old niece by setting a house on fire in 2006.
Arthur Tyler Cuyahoga May 28, 2014 Killing Sander Leach, 74, who sold produce from his van, during a robbery attempt with an accomplice in 1983.
William Montgomery Lucas August 6, 2014 Murdering roommates Debra Ogle, 20, and Cynthia Tincher, 19, during separate incidents on the same night in 1986.
Raymond Tibbetts Hamilton October 15, 2014 Murdering his wife and a 67-year-old man for whom his wife was a caretaker and with whom they both lived in 1997.
Warren K. Henness Franklin January 7, 2015 Robbing and killing Richard Myers, 51, who was trying to help Henness find drug counseling and treatment for his wife in 1992.
Phillip L. Jones Summit March 11, 2015 Raping and strangling Susan Marie Christian-Yates, 33, in an Akron cemetery in 2007.


-- Kyle Nagel, staff writer