Sales tax in the Miami Valley region

Kyle Nagel (@KyleNagelDDN)

Gov. John Kasich said he would lower sales tax as part of his state budget plan, which he unveiled Monday, Feb. 4. As part of the plan, the state sales tax rate would decrease from 5.5 percent to 5.0 percent, dropping the sales tax rate in 10 counties in the region from the current 6.25-to-7.0 percent range. Local taxes will also drop in Kasich's plan.

Here's a look at sales tax information for the state and the 10-county region.


Sales tax rates in the region

Click on a county to view the current sales tax rate (local and state combined) and taxes collected in each of the past three calendar years (the most recent full years available).

Current sales tax rate
6.25 percent
6.5 percent
6.75 percent
7.0 percent


Current sales tax range in Ohio

Rate* No. of counties with rate
7.75 1 (Cuyahoga)
7.00 48
6.75 15
6.50 20
6.25 4 (Butler, Lorain, Stark, Wayne)
*Total for state and local