Investigating Marc Spencer

A Lebanon Correctional Institution worker allegedly derailed a months-long criminal probe into drug dealing at the prison when he accessed confidential files and alerted co-workers about the investigation, state records show. Then, when state officials tried to fire Marc Spencer, the corrections officer they believe thwarted the investigation, the prison worker’s union decried state officials’ allegations and brokered a deal last month for him to get a $20,000 payout to resign from his post. Explore the case by reading notable document excerpts below. Click on an excerpt to read the full document.

Grievance Settlement

A settlement agreement for Marc Spencer.

Union Grievance 1

In July 2013, the union argued that discipline against Spencer for absenteeism was excessive.

Union Grievance 2

In August 2013, the union argued that disipline against Spencer because of unexcused absences was without just cause.

Union Grievance 3

In November 2013, the union argued that discipline against Spencer for rule infractions was excessive and possibly without merit.

Notice of Disciplinary Action

Dated Oct. 31, 2013, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Notice of Disciplinary Action against Spencer provided findings from its investigation. The called for Spencer's removal.

Investigation Summary

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections' Sept. 24, 2013 summary indicates investigators believed Spencer accessed confidential information and shared it with others.

Spencer Interview

A transcript of Spencer's Sept. 24, 2013, with investigators indicates multiple instances of investigators asking Spencer about his financial situation and his possibly inappropriate actions.

Officer Incident Report

Another Lebanon Correctional Institution officer under investigation for possibly dealing drugs at the prison filed this complaint after learning about the investigation.

Reporting: Amanda Seitz | Interactive: Kyle Nagel | Source: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections | Published: Feb. 23, 2014 |