Local tax burden throughout the Miami Valley

Reporting by Jeremy Kelley, staff writer

Area residents' tax burdens vary widely depending on where they own a home and in what school district they live. The Dayton Daily News studied property, income and school district tax information for the highest-populated pockets of the area to provide a comparison.

This chart is organized by “taxing districts,” which are the combination of school district and city/township that you live in. Click on column headings to resort the table.


1. The tax burden dollar figures listed for each jurisdiction apply to people who live AND work in those communities. They would also apply for anyone who works in a community with the same or lower income tax rates than where they live (i.e. live in Kettering, work in Centerville). Those who work in a community with HIGHER income tax rates than where they live (i.e. live in Beavercreek, work in Dayton), will have a higher individual tax burden than the ones shown here.
2. Property tax burden was calculated based on owner-occupied homes (granting the 12.5 percent tax rollbacks).
3. Renters do not directly pay property tax, but individual landlords often pass property tax costs on to their tenants.
4. Some local school district income taxes affect earned income only.

Sources: County auditors/treasurers, Ohio Department of Taxation, Dayton Daily News analysis