Grammy winner grabs taste of Dayton Butter during local visit

Seems three-time Grammy award winner Sarah McLachlan knows a good Southwest Scramble when she sees one.

The singer and songwriter lunched on the egg scramble and a cappuccino Butter Cafe Saturday.

“She liked it so much that she came back for breakfast on Sunday,” said Crystal Gibson, a server and manager at the Dayton business located at 1106 Brown St.

She drank two cappuccinos and had a yogurt, a side of sausage and oatmeal with chopped pecans, bananas and strawberries Sunday.

Known for her Earthy ballads, McLachlan was in town for a concert at the Kettering Medical Center’s Heart to Heart Gala. She performed with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Gibson said McLachlan and her dining companion picked Butter partly because it has several gluten-free dishes. The singer’s friend had Butter’s gluten free waffles.

He shared an order of Butter Cafe’s French Toast Kabobs with McLachlan.

Butter owner Amy Beaver said the pair also tried an omelette and bacon.

“They ordered a ridiculous amount of food,” Beaver joked, noting that both McLachlan and her friend are small in size. “It was a lot of food for two people in general.”

Beaver was honored McLachlan and her friend picked Butter.

“She (McLachlan) could have ate at a lot of different places, but she came here twice,” she said. “That’s cool.”

McLachlan is the founder of the now-defunct Lilith Fair music tour. Her songs include

Building a Mystery,” “Fallen,” “World on Fire,” and “I Will Remember You.”

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