Health Inspections: Penn Station Restaurant

Restaurant inspection. CONTRIBUTED
Restaurant inspection. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 3800 Colonel Glenn Highway, Beavercreek

Date of inspection: June 15

Violations: Found chemical stored over loaves of bread. Corrected.

Found the facility walls, floors, under and behind equipment, and shelving units in need of a detailed cleaning.

Found bread stored uncovered. Corrected.

Found unlabeled spice shakers.

Found rags stored on counters. Corrected.

Found wrapped cookies stored on tray of sliver prior to cleaning. This could create potentially harmful bacterial growth on the outside wrapper of the cookies, which may be transferred to the cookies during consumption due to their storage at room temperature. Corrected.

Found single use items stored non-inverted. Corrected.

Found the racks for the impinger, the slicer (all areas, not just immediate use area); and the food storage containers stored on the “clean” rack in need of a detailed cleaning. Correcting.

Found shelving holding bread and under prep surfaces in need of a detailed cleaning.

Found the light missing in the reach in cooler.  

Comments: Provided handouts and discussed code changes effective March 1, 2016. The following items are required to be completed/provided: a procedure for cleanup of vomiting/diarrheal incidents (viewable during inspections) and provision of a diarrhea/vomiting cleanup kit that is compliant with the new rules (see handout); a sign off sheet which indicates that employees have been informed of when they must report illness which is readily viewable during inspections; in addition to a level 1 certified PIC on all shifts, each facility is required to provide a level 2 trained individual (see handout for information regarding how to secure this training).