Luke Bryan’s Wife Falls For Turkey In Microwave Joke

This has to be one of my favorite things ever. A harmless prank has been going around in honor of Thanksgiving being next week. It’s to text your mom and ask “how long do you cook a 25 pound turkey in the microwave for” and then share her response. Here are some of the responses we got on our Facebook post...(click the comments to see).

Of course this game gets funnier and funnier when celebrities fall for it. Luke Bryan’s wife was one of those people. Her niece texted Caroline asking how long she is suppose to put a 25 pound turkey in the oven for since she was in charge of the turkey for her Friendsgiving... Caroline’s response is amazing (see blow). She posted it to social media and captioned it “I was seriously concerned about Kris for a minute! She got me. ♥️ you Stinky! No turkeys in the microwave.”

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