Random acts of Florida Georgia kindness

Nancy Wilson is a morning radio personality for K99.1-FM.


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Are you familiar with “random acts of kindness?” When that person in front of you in the drive-thru pays for your order, that is an example of a random act of kindness. Ideally, you would then, in turn, do something nice for another stranger.

There’s actually a Random Act of Kindness Week in February, and it leads up to Valentine’s Day. I’m guessing when Florida Georgia Line visited the Miami Valley on their sold-out Anything Goes tour, Jan. 16 at the Nutter Center, neither Brian Kelley or Tyler Hubbard of the country duo had any idea.

Unbeknownst to us media types, Tyler and “BK” stopped by the Ronald McDonald House on the afternoon of the show. No fanfare, no real entourage, just a simple post on Facebook after the fact, “Best part of our job. Visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Dayton, OH today. Unbelievable families here, so glad we got to do this.”

And the kindness continued later that night at the show. Watching these two very tall young men get down on their knees to greet children and physically challenged fans was an amazing thing to watch.

One of the many amazing things about my K99.1-FM job is we sometimes get the opportunity to say a quick hello to the artists. Frye Guy, my morning show co-host, and I were backstage with Tyler and BK and some other industry people before the show.

The guys were telling us about their new physical trainer and eating regiment (as Brian was shoving chips and salsa in his mouth — no trainer in sight) when I noticed Tyler’s watch. It was a huge gold rose-colored thing that looked like it weighed a ton. Tyler explained how he liked to collect watches and always brought several on tour with him. Frye laughed and said he recently lost his watch and hadn’t had time to get a new one.

After some pictures and more visiting, Tyler pulled Frye aside and asked him if he wanted to try on his watch. Of course, Frye did. Then he says with a grin, “Why don’t you keep it? It’s yours.” Frye’s face immediately grew red, and tears starting welling up in his eyes, which immediately made Tyler’s eyes grow misty.

After an awkward “bro hug” and photos of this random act, Tyler and Brian took off for the stage. Although he won’t admit it, I doubt that Frye has taken off the watch since then.

But knowing him as I do, I bet he’s just waiting to pass along the kindness to someone else.

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